Il Fanale expresses its brand identity through four different lines, each representing a style and at the same time the evolution of the brand over time to align with international trends and markets. The Country style with its shapes and colours, intentionally recalls a decorative taste from the past, but in reality it is a very contemporary style that embellishes any space, making it warm, refined and inviting. In the Industrial style lines are essential, the shades are dark and subtle and the shapes give a sense of continuity with the surrounding space. But the key feature is the aged finishing that gives a metropolitan and dynamic look. Modern means clean lines where the aesthetic aspect is never disconnected from the functional element. References to the minimalistic vision of forms and spaces merge with a softer approach in the use of colours and shapes that play with proportions to portray our contemporaneity. The New Decò is a reinterpretation of the characterising features of the opulent Art Deco style, born in the USA in the 1920s and still a source of inspiration for contemporary designers who have revived the taste but made it lighter. Mirror-like materials like chrome, gold and silver tones, powder and grey with a hint of aubergine colour. And the symmetry, essential in this rich and energetic style, which lends charm and prestige to spaces.