IL Fanale Torremato will be part of the exhibition promoted by the Lombardy Region entitled: LightRevolution. Design lights up life. This exhibition presents lights and lighting products featured in the Compasso d’Oro and is curated by Massimo Farinatti, Ambrogio Rossari and Susanna Vallebona.
Against the magnificent skyline visible from the 39th floor of the Lombardy Region Building, visitors will be able to admire 32 products related to light and lighting selected from past winners of the prestigious ADI Compasso d’Oro Award. Genuine design icons, these lighting products dating from 1954 to the present and largely still in production have gone hand in hand with the evolution of our society, have followed scientific innovations and in turn have occasionally been the revolutionary standard bearers of emerging needs.
We’ll be attending with the iconic Bitta (Torremato), winner of the 2017 Compasso D’Oro, “for adding functionality to a classic and symbolic object, renewing it in a discrete way”.