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About us

A Mediterranean-style fusion

The Mediterranean is a sea that unites. It unites people by bringing them from one place to another, and it unites cultures with an aesthetic concept comprising warm colours, living materials and craftsmanship.



Spain and Greece, Morocco and Provence, the islands of Sicily and our islands in the Venetian lagoon all share Mediterranean style. But Mediterranean style is much more than the sum of its styles, it is an approach towards things that explore the nature of materials and seek the reality of touch, of human contact.



We put people before numbers: those who work for Il Fanale are part of a community of ideals and goals, where passion sets us apart from the mass market. Because there is no know-how without talented people.



Design is a balancing act between shape, function and technology. But, above all, it is a game: without an aptitude for experimentation, it does not exist. Combining essentiality and decor, our design is the post-modern expression of a contemporary style that is always timeless.


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