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Here you will find our answers to your most frequently asked questions.
If you require further assistance, remember you can always contact us at [email protected]

Are you a manufacturer?

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We manufacture everything in house and by hand. We trust external experts for the production of Murano glass and Bassano ceramic.

Do you manufacture made-to-order lamps?

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Yes, we do make made-to-order lamps that are not included in our catalogue but meet special needs and/or requirements for the design of particular spaces.

What materials do you use for your lamps?

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The materials we use for our lamps range from iron to brass, copper, glass, and ceramic.

What finishes do you offer?

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Our range of finishes includes: antiqued brass, antiqued iron, antiqued copper, gold leaf, silver leaf and copper leaf. Upon request, we provide different finishes from those listed in the catalogue.

Do your lamps change over time?

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Yes, changes in our products represent a unique feature of our lamps that undergo an accelerated oxidation process that continues naturally until it has reached its complete maturation.

What is the best way to clean your lamps?

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For a proper cleaning of our lamps, see the section Cleaning on page 503.

Do your lamps come with light bulbs?

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No, our lamps do not come with light bulbs. Those shown in the catalogue are for illustrative purposes only. You must go to your nearest electrical equipment store to purchase them.

Are your lamps dimmable?

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Except for table lamps and floor lamps, all our lamps are dimmable by buying the appropriate bulb compatible with the dimmers of the best known brands.

Where can I find all of the technical information?

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For all updated technical information please visit our website: www.ilfanale.com.


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