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Brogliato Traverso

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After graduating in Architecture from Venice University, Italy and various experiences – from learning how to blow glass in Murano to working traditional ceramics in Japan – Alberto Brogliato and Federico Traverso founded BrogliatoTraverso design studio in 2014.

Their approach to design is called ‘NO TIME, NO SPACE’ and refers to their will to make objects with a timeless design that fits any context.

BrogliatoTraverso work by subtracting, creating a detailed sign, but almost invisible. With these finely hinted forms, their creations establish deep intimate empathy with the users and their surroundings.

Their fine simplification process delivers projects addressing the needs of consumers and made for various companies, including Cappellini, Haworth, Fratelli Guzzini, Infiniti, Il Fanale/Torremato and more. These partnerships have won the studio many international awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award, iF Design Award and Good Design Award.


“ … light is that blessing allowing us to see the world. To design its human side, is a great privilege for us”.


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