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Dario Gaudio


Born in 1982 in Bari, since 2008 he lives and works in Milan. Since 2010 he collaborates with Giulio Iacchetti, working for Alessi, Danese, De Vecchi, Foscarini, Moleskine and Viceversa. In 2010 he has won the Design competition Premio Ghislieri, taking care of all the subsequent editions since then. Since 2012, he’s in charge of the product development for the collection Internoitaliano. In 2013, with Vittorio Venezia and Paola Taccardi he has won the design contest with the project Controstampo for Cristalplant, which has been inserted in the Falper’s catalogue in 2014. He is co-founder and product manager for Have a Good Tie.


“The light shapes and defines the whole world we live in. With color and intensity it literally “designs” the objects of our everyday life. To work with the light is surely one of the strongest, complete and fascinating experience for a designer”.


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