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Studio Zazi


Giulia Zia e Mauro Martinuzzi, both graduates in Industrial Design respectively at S.I.D. of Padua and the I.E.D. of Milan where it also began their professional experience. In their early twenties, they moved to Amsterdam where they consolidated our knowledge, working for internationally renowned design studios for 10 years.  The love and passion of creating something together has always surrounded them. In 2021 they established their studio in Treviso, a Venetian reality, hub of design industries and creativity in the north east of Italy.  They strongly believe that design can go far beyond the product itself and it is a result of a collaboration between industry and craftsmanship, between human relationship and its territory, with the attention to cultural and aesthetic values. Their style blends the contemporary and innovative approach of nordic design with the Italian tradition and know-how.

Studio ZAZI operates in a variety of creative fields including design of products, furniture, lighting, textiles, interior design and collectable home decor.



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